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  • Design and evaluate a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm
  • Integrate with any of the standard Window Functions
  • Synthesise Soft IP source code modules written in ANSI C
  • Generate test vectors and window function look-up tables
  • Load and save a complete FFT specification as a file
FFTDesigner Screenshot
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FFT Designer

Fast Fourier Transform / Window Function
Soft IP Genetator
Ultra Low Power MSP430 Development Board with Graphic Display
  • 25MHz µC with 16K RAM
  • 128x128 Sharp Memory LCD
  • Audio input and RS232 port
  • SPI, I2C & GPIO expansion
  • CR2032 coin-cell powered
  • <15µW with RTC & display
  • FFT & display demo code
  • Box or panel mounting
FFTD1A Ultra Low Power Development Board
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