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FFT Designer allows you to quickly simulate and explore the performance of a Fast Fourier Transform combined with any standard window function such as Hamming, Flat-Top, Kaiser, Blackman-Harris and others. Once you are satisfied with the design, a single button click will implement your algorithm in C source code ready for you to integrate into your project. Not only does the software generate the FFT and window function, but also a complete test harness and example.

Using this software, you can quickly decide on the best resolution and window function for your application. You can also save the complete FFT and window specification as a file. If you need to revise the design later on, it will only take you a few seconds to update your source code.

FFT Designer has been written with both PC application engineers and embedded software engineers in mind. It synthesises fast, compact and efficient code suitable for any application. As well as outputting portable source-code in ANSI C it can also generate highly optimised code for the MSP430 range of microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, taking full advantage of the on-board 32 bit hardware multiplier and multiply accumulate (MAC) instruction.

FFT Designer is also a great educational tool for anyone who wishes to gain a practical understanding of the FFT and Window Functions. Equally, it is ideal for technical meetings and presentations, perhaps when different options are being discussed at the start of a project.

Creating Source Code

FFT Source Code Synthesis